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Valentine's Babysitting

On Saturday, February 7, the FBLA hosted their annual Valentine’s Babysitting event in the SAHS cafeteria. Approximately 25 children attended the event after their parents dropped them off. One FBLA volunteer was assigned as a buddy for each kid. Extras were assigned to aid with games and crafts. To start the night off, buddies and “Valentines” colored pages and craft bags.

Afterward, crafts and activities were on the schedule. Crafts included a Heart Man made from Solo Cups, a hand print heart, and a heart plate hat. Games, the most popular part of the night due to the high energy levels of the kids, included candy hear relays, Cupid Cupid Arrow (commonly known as Duck Duck Goose), and X’s and O’s (or Sharks and Minnows). Dinner came halfway through the night of fun and then snack came along with the movie, a child’s love story (Lady and the Tramp), to finish the night. Each kid was in pajamas, relaxing on the seat cushions provided by the school store while watching. The biggest highlight of the night was president Christie Birchall’s audio experience, especially as we all threw it down during line dancing.

Day at Univest Bank

Our Business Leaders were fortunate to attend a trip to Univest for the day. There, the leaders went through the new-hire training program.

The day started off with some Uni-dash (a form of the popular game, Balderdash) and a morning of learning about leadership and the characteristics of a great, strong leader. Then these FBLA members got to participate in a Desert Survival Situation program where leadership and decision making was out to the test.

Additionally, the leaders got to have a lunch-in with the Univest executives, including the CEO and COO. Afterward, the trip was highlighted with a private tour of all the Univest buildings in Souderton.

Tween Night

On January 30, FBLA members volunteered to help run Tween Night at the Boys and Girls Club. The night included basketball tournaments, dodgeball battles, karaoke songs, and kickin' back and relaxing.

     Members helped referee/judge events and also provided aid with the food. Select people were put on post a the food table to hand out food and drinks, including Capri Suns, soft pretzels, and slices of pizza!

    At sign-in, FBLA members and advisers passed out glow bracelets and tickets for food and the raffle, where some attendees went home with awesome prizes!

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